Street Festivals

Clatteratti have played at street festivals all around the world, from Porto Marino Egypt to Jordan, from Holland to Newcastle, we love to play on the street, playing to the crowd with our infectious beat and creating an amazing atmosphere wherever we go. “The Clatteratti drummers were amazing in everything they do, please thank them very much” Porto Marino

We are happy to costume up to any theme and love getting involved in the ethos of the event. Styles have included Urban, Street, Boutique, Brazilian, Cyber Punk, you name it we’ll wear it!

We are also happy to create impromptu open air workshops in the middle of a crowd, getting everyone involved

Clatteratti love playing with crowds, whether as a static ensemble, walkabout or leading the crowd to a specific venue, everything is possible and there is no better way to create a party atmosphere than some spontaneous drumming, kids love and the adults need no excuse to clap along!

We have performed at many street events over the years and played to crowds from Porto Marino in Egypt, Jordan and Dubai, we have visited Holland and many street festivals in the UK including Newcastle, Manchester Xtrax, Winchester Hat Fair, and our home town Brighton

We can provide a varied number of performers, mixed gender teams from 4 to 10, any costume, any style of percussion Brazilian, Samba, Junk

Based in Brighton, we work around the world, livening up the streets and getting the beat to the feet of the waiting crowds!