Drumming Workshops

Clatteratti have run many kinds of workshops all over the world and have a team of highly experienced facilitators, leaders and teachers. We run workshops for business, team leading and energisers,  for organisations to have a different shared experience, for family fun days and workshops specifically tailored for children, and recycled percussion workshops. We can work with any number of people from 30 to 300.

“They went down a storm, it worked very well” Camelot 2012

We had a fantastic time with Clatteratti on our Staff Team Day. Despite it being the hottest day of the year they were amazingly enthusiastic and did a great job of getting everyone drumming and dancing. It was very different to normal team building activities and certainly much more fun!’ IntoUniversity.Org 2013

The staff very much enjoyed the experience – it was a very good way of bringing a large team together to work as a whole. The energy and enthusiasm of the leader was infectious.

Dr Rachel Carr OBE 2013

Clatteratti!  provides high impact teambuilding drumming activities and icebreaker drumming sessions for businesses. We use drums/junk percussion in professional settings to illustrate the principles of leadership development and interactive teamwork.

A Clatteratti ice breaking drum session is a powerful way to open or close conferences. Drumming quickly breaks the ice and breaks barriers between participants.

To revitalise and re-focus participants between presentations or before speeches or awards. It is also a great option as  a way to end off on a guaranteed high note at the end of a meeting.

Drumming is a great way to revitalise and refocus participants at a conference or staff session. To relax and invigorate participants, treat them to a break-out drumming session in-between speeches and presentations. Since companies spend a lot of money arranging conferences, it’s vital that participants remain focused and connected.

Clatteratti specialise in working with kids to engage them in a fun filled and learning based activity

The Junk nature of the instruments will give the children more freedom to express themselves and will give them a greater sense of achievement as their own compositions emerge into their final performance at the end of the day. This workshop will make the children look at objects around them in a different light.

All our workshop leaders are experienced facilitators who have worked with a variety of abilities and ages. Our key vision is to awaken and enable the childs’ imagination.

Sessions consist of an introduction to rhythm, clapping, timing. We then introduce the concept of junk percussion as we demonstrate how literally anything can become a musical instrument! Cans, plastic bottles, brushes, sticks you name it we can make a rhythm with it. Finally we teach small groups different rhythms and bring the whole group together for a final composition.