Corporate Events

We have been working in the corporate arena for the past 15 years, providing a variety of excellent and exciting entertainment for a vast range of corporate clients, including Sky, BT Sport and Disney to name but a few.

We have been working in the corporate sector for 15 years and some of our clients include Siemens, Davidoff, Bloomberg, Harrod, Sothebys, the Royal Horticultaral Society, Disney, Sainsburys, BT Sport, Sky, Royal Kingdom of Jordan,

Our task is to provide whatever the client wants and then find something extra! Clatteratti always find a way to make an event special and unforgettable!

Our skill is in providing an astounding percussive performance with a show that leaps out and grabs the attention! We can also provide dancers and angle grinders to make the event even more exciting and can provide any number of drummers from a minimum of 4 upwards to 10, we are also skilled in providing workshops and working with any audience including children, families and special needs audience.