Bespoke Events/ 2019 World cup cricket Drummers

We were thrilled to be part of the ICC Cricket world cup this year, amazing atmosphere and amazing crowds who responded to our rhythms in style, we love doing sporting events, we’ve enchanted the crowds at rugby matches at Twickenham, cycling for Skyride in manchester and football for Chelsea . We also love creating bespoke events so if you have an idea we will help you realise it.

Past clients have included Sky,  Siemens, Davidoff, Toyota, Royal Kingdom of Jordan, Sky, Olympic Park, Bloomberg, Moonwalk Charity, IntoUniversity, Camelot, Chelsea Football Club, Cardiff Rugby Club, Virgin, National Achievers Conference, Trocadero Piccadilly, Formula Ford, Sothebys Harrods and Disney

We welcome performers from all disciplines, some of our drummers have worked with Stomp, Ra Ra Zoo, Soul 2 Soul, Roachford, Maracatu, Barulho, to name but a few. Founded in London in 1997 by artistic director Chris Cresswell, with Sarah Lovett, Adrian Barker and Mark Fury, the Clatteratti has gone from strength to strength and welcomed all kinds of artists into the fold. Currently Maestre Paul Dodd (Maracatu), Nick Pitcher (Spitfire) Joe Pryor (Raineater) Chris Taylor (Soul2Soul), Rob Arcari, Jen Clarke (Jentheroo) Carola del Mese (CandyQueens) we also recently welcomed angle grinders  Kelly Sabrina and Kate Lomax, over the years other contributors have included Matt Cooke (Barulho) Carl Smith (Stomp) Becki Hodgson (Carnival Collective) Aideen Gallagher (Stomp) Oli Tumner (Stomp) Brian Cooper, Manu Fruteau, Siobhan Potter, Bob Percy, Carli Jefferson, Max Machin, Rafael Casarini, Will Roper, Janine Fletcher (Two Wrongies) Suz Hawkins, Kt Simpson (CopperDollar) Suzanne Mehdi, Lucia Cordani and others too numerous to mention, oh and Toby Park (Spymonkey) once joined us for a gig in Tenerife!

Royal Kingdom of Jordan, Royal Albert Hall, Olympic Park, Cardiff Arena, Tenerife, Dubai, Sardinia, Porto Marino Egypt, Istanbul, Holland, Royal Chelsea Flower Show, London, Winchester Hat Fair, Leeds Festival, Manchester Festival, O2, Brighton Dome, and many other places in the UK.