Music Festivals

We love to play at music festivals, it gives us a chance to meet other musicians and drummers and many exciting collaborations have come from performing at these events, we have played at festivals in Amman, Jordan, Diepenheim, Holland, Sicily and most recently at the lovely boutique B Festival in the UK

We play a mixture of Junk and found percussion, including the ubiquitous dustbin, empty water bottles, buckets, pipes, car parts, you find it and we’ll play it, then we love to mix this up with found drums, tomtoms, snares, brazilian percussion to make a mighty noise. In the past we have played crash helmets, surfboards, water pipes, dustbins, scaffold poles and some mights oil containers, nothing is too big or small, if we can see it, we can hit it!

Clatteratti! is a collective of like minded percussionists, performers and drummers, in the past we have included members of circus Ra Ra Zoo, Stomp, Soul 2 Soul, and Brazilian groups such as Maracatu, the one thing we all have in common is a love of drumming and a love of performing in front of an audience, we also all enjoy a challenge and are happy to come up with ideas of new things to hit!

We play all over the world, some of the events we play at are private celebrations or corporate events but we also play at public music and street festivals, taking our beat to the street wherever and whenever we can, we also run workshops, just ask us and we’ll be there with bells on!